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Therapy and Educational Services

-Child, adolescent, parent, and/or family psychotherapy
-Adult psychotherapy
-Individualized parenting classes
-Assessment of educational needs.
​-Classroom and program observations.
​-Development, implementation, and monitoring of educational goals.
-Participation at TEAM and IEP school meetings.
-Coordination with clinical and educational providers.
-Support international families in navigating the educational system.
-Educational planning and placement.
-Private school recommendations.
-Private school educational liaison.
-Program Development.
-Relocation Consultation 
-Attorney litigation support and work product review
-Consultation with public and private schools
Workshops for parents, teachers, and school counselors.  
Topics include:


  •      Parenting 

  •     Helping Parents Manage School-From-Home (SFH)

  •     Balance work-parenting-homeschooling

  •     Helping parents with pandemic summer

  •     Planning for onsite and remote education Fall 2020

  •     Working with your SEPAC

  •     Building social skills for the Classroom
  •     Parenting a child with special needs
  •     Understanding ADHD
  •     Managing Anxiety
  •     Understanding Autism 
  •     Executive Functioning in the Classroom
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