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ADHD Symptom Monitoring Checklist

Dr. Melinda Macht-Greenberg

Dr. Macht-Greenberg has developed a monitoring checklist for signs and symptoms of ADHD. The ADHD Symptom Monitoring Checklist (ASMC)  looks at a wide variety of executive functions related to ADHD and the impact on a student's behavior at school. If you would like to receive the ASMC, please fill out the contact form and we will email it to you or to your school. The ASMC also includes a Daily Classroom Behavior Monitor that teachers and paraprofessionals can easily use every day to monitor changes in how ADHD presents in the classroom. This tool is an effective way to monitor goals in an IEP as well as the impact of medication or therapeutic interventions.

For more information or to receive a free copy of the checklist, click here.

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